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Christmas Symbols

The Christmas Symbols are objects, plants, flowers, or diverse decorative ornaments, which are closely and traditionally connected with the beliefs of Christianity and the happy festival of Christmas. Each of these auspicious, lucky, and merry Christmas symbols represents and promotes certain noble qualities and things that could make the lives of people happy, generous, peaceful, and meaningful. These Christmas symbols are commonly used in Christmas decorations in all over the world.

Christmas Symbols Around The World

The following are the globally famous and immensely popular merry Christmas symbols used extensively all around the world for Christmas decoration purposes:

Christmas Tree:

The Christmas Tree, an evergreen coniferous tree, has been the most magnificent Christmas symbol since the beginning of the festival. Well-decorated with fancy lights, diverse Christmas ornaments, wreaths, and stars, to create appropriate Christmas ambiance, the evergreen Christmas tree symbolizes eternal life and light.

Christmas Star:

The Christmas Star put atop the Christmas tree, represents high hopes and ideals, and is therefore, the bright and shining hope of mankind. Closely connected with the spirit of Christmas, the Christmas star is related with the birth of Jesus Christ according to several legends.

Santa Claus:

The Santa Claus is certainly one of the most important and popular Christmas symbols, famous for its great generosity and love to children in general.


There are several folklores that relate this famous merry Christmas symbol Mistletoe with the Christmas festival and its celebrations. Possessing great and miraculous healing powers and several other auspicious qualities, this aerial parasite mistletoe is believed to promote health, good luck, love, peace, and happiness.

Candy Canes:

The candy cane is one of the most popular Christmas symbols used in the Christmas decorations worldwide. The shape of candy cane reminds people of the shepherd’s crook used to guide the lost lambs.


Holly plant is among one of the most auspicious Christmas symbols in all around the world. It is said that the holly plant favors the good luck and security of all family members, specially the male members.

Christmas Rose:

The Christmas Rose stands among the most lucky and promising merry Christmas symbols around the world. Christmas Rose commands the same reputation in Germany and other European countries, as the Poinsettia in United States and its neighboring countries, for Christmas decorations and celebrations. This white or purplish evergreen Christmas rose is a prominent choice for decorations on table cloths, curtains, napkins, etc.


Mexican Poinsettia is unainimously considered to be the Christmas flower in all around the world. This small, star-shaped flower in green or yellow color, holds its reputed place among the lucky Christmas symbols.

Christmas Bells:

The sweet and mystic sound of bells, is believed to scare away all evils and evil spirits. Counted on among the essential Christmas symbols, the Christmas bells represent the bells that guided the lost sheep back towards the fold.

Christmas Wreaths:

Christmas wreaths are much-liked Christmas symbols for children in all across the Christian world. The Christmas wreath implies long-lasting and eternal hope, love, and life, without an end. Available in a variety of different materials in the market, Christmas wreaths are striking and impressive, merry Christmas symbols.


Tinsels are eminent Christmas symbols around the world. Tinsels commemorate several mythological legends that say the story about a tree which converted cobwebs around it instantly into sparkling strips or ribbons of silver, in respect of the Christ Child.

Christmas Stocking:

It is one of the most popular Christmas symbols for children. The Christmas stockings are commonly hung on windows to receive gifts from Santa Claus easily, quickly, and generously.

Christmas Symbols For Children

Some beautiful or peculiar Christmas symbols are hugely liked by children of throughout the Christian world. These impressive Christmas symbols for children include Christmas Tree, Christmas Stockings, Reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas Bells, diverse Christmas Ornaments, Snowman, Christmas Games, Christmas Music, Christmas Stories, The Nativity Scene, Christmas Toys and Crafts, and various Winter Icons such as Penguin, Polar bear, etc.